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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up!!!

Being that it has been several months since we've chatted, I feel it is extremely important for me to bringto your attention what has taken place with the events of my life. Keep in mind, not all stories have a happy ending and well quite frankly, some individuals never want the story to end. I am more than certain there are a few individuals anxiously awaiting (possibly nervous) with what I am going to say! The time has come!!! I have three stories to share with you and as an attempt not to confuse anyone, we will start off slow and end with robust passion!!!

I met him....oh wait, names are very important for the next three blogs. I met Ethan when I was at the tender age of 19. I escorted a close friend of mine to his 10 year highschool reunion. I was asked to attend primarily because there was no way in hell he could go alone! I understood and played my part which was to simply smile, speak, eat, dance and protect his camera equipment when he unexpectedly left the table. I was in training yet, had no idea at that moment. He was creatinga very integral part of who I am today! I don't want to get too far off rack therefore, let's talk about Ethan and how we met for the first time. So there I was glammed from head to toe. By the time my friend that I escorted to the reunion was done with me, I looked as if I had left a New York runway fashion show. Sitting across the table from me was another couple that were enjoying the evening events. I didn't think much of them at the time until the gentleman sparked a conversation with me. The irony of the story was that we shared the same purpose for both our friends that evening. Ethan was primarily an escort for the young lady that accompanied him. Ethan and I talked for two hours and even to this day I recall it being a wonderful conversation. The events of the reunion were coming to a close....we shook hands and said our good byes.

Three years later I was put in the position of "gate keeper" for my mentors Grand Opening" of his hair salon. The instructions he left me with were very simple "Don't let anyone in here! I don't care who it is!!!" He was serious! After 30 minutes of spinning around in a swivel styling chair, my fun was interrupted by a knock on the glass door. I of course, ignored it the first five times but quickly became agitated with the young fella's yelling for me to open the door. The door didn't open until my mentor returned. I guess you will have to use your imagination to know how irritated with me the banging gentleman was with having to wait an hour and forty five minutes to place his tools and products in their proper place at his workstation. When he walked past me, I could feel the anger rise from his pores. Needless to say, I didn't give a damn!!! Days, weeks and months went by and the fool was still upset with the situation and I still didn't give a fuck. A truce was called when we were coming together for a huge hair event. It was during that time period when we laughed at each other and a "friendship" was born. This gentleman and I became such good friends that many people assumed we were fuckin'! That wasn't the case however, we knew how to have fun and laugh at life.

Sometimes shit in life doesn't become clear until you continue on with life! That gentleman in the salon turned out to be Ethan. I didn't realize it at the time. Hell, I didn't realize it until 18 years later. My friendship with Ethan began in the hairsalon and ended with "I'm giving you 90 days to make up your mind." I was flattered by his statement and also saddened. Somewhere, somehow throughout the years Ethan and I thought it would be a great idea to spend the rest of our lives with each other. Yet as time progressed in our relationship...he became the reason behind my previously written blog "Complacent Ass". Sad but very true! Once Ethan realied I moved on, he seemed to be genuinely happy for me. Keep in mind we were friends first! We would communicate innocently periodically via phone calls and texts and a times it was good to hear from Ethan. Yet I was with Roger and one thing for certain is that I had enough damn sense to let Roger know that there was communication with Ethan and I. Roger wasn't concerned, he was confident I wasn't going anywhere..................................!!! (Hold that thought). Now...the 90 day ultimatum. I promise you I thought his ass was joking!!! During the 90 day time period we may have communicated no more than three times. If my calculations are right then that would mean...once a month right? I received a text that advised me that my 90 days were up last week. Once again my thought was "this fool is a fool!" However, I couldn't resist, I began counting the days backwards on my kitchen calendar. We were at day 89! I was non-responsive primarily because I already had the answer to his ultimatum 89 days ago! I was just hoping that I wouldn't get a call from him with news of him being in town.

I eventually responded to Ethan with "I will not marry you, its time for the both of us to move on!" I didn't hear from Ethan again, that was part of the ultimatum. If I said "no" he promised to go away forever and he did...............well until two days ago (fuckkkk). I received a simple text that said "hello". I feel we will always have a "friendship". However, I closed the door of our romance and I will keep it as such.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Don't Know Where To Start!!!

Well hello!!! I hope everyone is doing well. Thank you for continuing to support my vision by reading my blogs. I apologize to all of you for being dormant. I have been going through some serious life changes these past few months.

I am not planning to write a long drawn out story this evening. I am expecting company in about an hour. However, I will give you a brief synopsis as to what the hell has been going on with me. As the days progress, I will happily share all the juicy details.

1. I let Roger go! He didn't change...I did!
2. My ex-fiance gave me a 90 day ultimatum and I thought he was joking...seriously I thought he was joking' but in reality he wasn't.
3. I decided to let go of my past and lock-up my coochie forever...then I met him!!!

Tomorrow will not be the day we discuss any of the above topics simply because I have an all day date tomorrow. Most certainly we will talk about that! In the meantime, I need to begin my preparation for my guest. I've missed you!!!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

I wasn't done damnit (technical difficulties) LOL.

Where was I before Mr. Blogger decided to stop my flow? Oh yes...
The PAMs will not take any responsibility for their actions and will make it a sympathy gesture for their behalf and tell "their" version of what happened. I used to call people with this trait "a simple bitch" but even a simple bitch will have the decency to admit they did some devious shit! The one's I know at least.

For those that know me and have witnessed or experienced my Tazmanian Devil episodes, will surely tell you three things without hesitation. #1. I warned you #2. I warned your non-listening ass again and last but certainly not least #3. I snapped on your ass!

When people quote "Don't mistake my kindness for weakness!" Take heed (listen)!!!

A Guy Named PAM

I've become slightly agitated and less tolerable of certain behavior's in my ripened age!!! I can't seem to figure out if it's because I can see bullshit coming at me a mile awayN or if I have bbecome fed up with simple ass people! Wait a second...this is not how I planned on starting this topic. Allow me to start with what's on my heart and then we will move forward with what's on my mind.

About a year ago a wonderful friend/bodyguard said this to me: "Dallas, when you meet the right man, and if he asks you to stop writing, you will without any argument!" I miss you TG. You weree right! The only difference is my Man enjoys reading my posts and it brings a smile to his face when I write about him. I am grateful that Roger supports "all" of my talents 100%. TG if you are reading this, please know that I am not nor ever have been upset with you. I truly miss our conversations and besides...its been a while, you knowwww I have some serious gossip to share.

Ok! Back to what's on my mind. If you've been on this journey with me for the last year, then you are aware that I enjoy putting together acronyms. Well, here is my latest!

P.A.M = Punk Ass Muthafucka

Yes!!!! I despise your over the age of 30, whining, still stuck on your Momma,s titttie, somebody llooked at me wrong, nobody talked to me today, my finger hurt Ass! Damn, I'm embarrassed to say I even know you! Another fucked up characteristic of The Guys Named Pam is that its always everyone else's fault except their own. Oh but wait! It gets even worse. No responsibility of any

Sunday, January 15, 2012


That's right damnit! My ass is still alive and well. They had my ass tied up, locked up and hushed only for a little while. I felt as if I was dropped from an airplane, fell into the hot ass desert and left to make the best of it! I genuinely want to thank two wonderful individuals that were truly concerned about my well-being. Nettie-Boop (yep, that is her real name) Mr. Ector (yep that's his real name too). It warmed my heart that you guys sent a smoke signal to let me know you guys were concerned (or were you looking for a good story?F.

I have missed sharing my thought, wants and cliff-hangers with all of you...even my critics! In all honesty, I was making the adjustment to our new home, new associates, same dick (Roger is well) and balancing the role of mother, lover, dometicated woman, aunt with the money, friend with the good ear, Julia Childs and several counseling sessions here and there. My feet hurt terribly. I thoroughly enjoy my pedicures these days. They bring me close to orgasm!!!

Here are some titles I will blog about in the next few days:

A Guy Named Pam

=um 'ear

I have a lot of shit to say and share so again Sexy's


Monday, October 10, 2011

Lady Gaga - Poker Face

Wide Asleep

From time to time I find myself faced with the challenge of Insomnia. Most of the time it's caused by something that is weighing heavy on my mind or a project or two that I may have been working on. However, tonight things are a bit different. I was not certain why this particular individual had been on my mind for the last few weeks, but now I understand that he is asking for his due diligence for the huge impact he made on my life, which in-turn....led me here! Talking and sharing with you. I have mentioned him in my previous blogs, but now I feel his short ass is at the point of haunting me because I haven't told the full story.

I was 19 years old and landed my first job in the Corporate world. I was a Secretary for 6 OB/GYN physicians. What a wonderful classroom I had before me! I didn't realize it at the time, but all the tools and education that I needed to understand life in general were placed at my fingertips, yet, I was more focused on my upcoming weekend plans instead of listening to some "over the hill" physicians discuss their patients issues. Most of the doctors I worked for back then have crossed over (they dead), but I will never forget the life lessons they attempted to bestow on my then juvenille brain.

His name was William M. Chavis, M.D., Obstetrician/Gynecologist and Director of the Center for Sexual Health. He died of Cancer about 14 years ago and even though I was no longer employed with the place we made our acquaintance, I made certain that I paid my last respects to him. Dr. Chavis was not just one of my bosses....he was my friend and I now realize he was also my mentor. Too young and dumb to realize it at that time. It was Dr. Chavis that forced me to begin my public speaking to medical students, residents (doctors in training) and seasoned physicians. He always claimed he was too busy with patients and couldn't meet the obligation of introducing his guest speakers. I eventually found that story not to be true.

When I am asked the question of how I became involved with my type of business, my answer is generally quite simple...."Sex never has a recession!" Yes, this is true but it's important for me to go into greater detail so this short ass dead man will stop haunting me, which means I can continue with my normal sleep pattern.

I accept all types of people into my life! I have no heaven or hell to place anyone into, therefore I do not judge! It has never mattered to me if you were male, female, undecided, in the closet, under the bed or hanging out the window! I accept all!!! Dr. Chavis had a sex-kit that he used for couples that were having marital problems. I can't say if the act was ever done in his office, I was not allowed to come into counseling sessions. However, I do recall a few angry husbands and wives storming out of his office with doors slamming behind them. In some cases when one portion of the married party suggests counseling into their life, the other party feels as if they are being attacked by their husband/wife as well as the person that is provding counseling for them. I also recall meeting a happily married couple of 33 years. Dr. Chavis prepped me for the introduction prior to our meeting of this wonderful couple. He understood the experience was a new one for me. He did the right thing! Fred and Melissa Pharr......Love is a beautiful thing when the person you are with accepts ALL of you. His name was Fred during the day and she was Melissa during the day. His name became Allison in the evening and she remained Melissa. He was her husband, she was his wife and then they became best girlfriends in the evening helping one another out with make-up and accessories. Fred and Melissa were the happiest couple I had met, even as of today! Acceptance of diversity was my lesson for that day. I eventually had the honor of introducing Fred as the keynote speaker for one of Dr. Chavis' symposiums.

Years later I was showcasing some of my greatest works of art at the ever famous "HairWars" in Detroit and remained in my element of comfort while all the other models and stylist began giggling, laughing and pointing at "their" uncomfortable and unfamiliar surroundings. A stylist from the Ohio had travelled to Michigan to participate in the show and all his models were Drag Queens! The only problem that I had with the Queens was those bitches make-up and hair looked as if they had stepped out of Vogue Magazine and the heffa's knew it.

With life being my classroom and Dr. Chavis serving as my mentor, I realize I am very fortunate to have had the opportunities that are behind me and forthcoming. Please understand...I'm not saying that nothing shocks me, but I am will never know when I am shocked!

Thank you Dr. Chavis! Please Rest in Peace so that I may Sleep in Peace!!!